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Planning for ILC 2018

Begin of registrations: 3 January 2018

Deadline for registration 15 April 2018. After 15 April 2018, registrations remain possible in the limit of availability of samples. Please contact

Sending of the samples: forecast on the 01 September 2018

Performance of the tests: between the 15 September 2018 and the 15 October 2018

Performance of the long term testings (all tests which forecast duration is over 7 days): between the 15 September 2018 and the 30 November 2018

Reception of the results by CompaLab: before the 15 October 2018 (or 30 November 2018 for long term testings). Results unavailable at this date may be not taken into account in the final report.

Availability of the report: forecast on the 15 December 2018 or 15 January 2019 for long term testings.