Why are there two sets of interlaboratory comparisons (ILC) ?

From 2019, in order to reduce the number of samples to be processed at the same time by participants, the year was divided into two sessions.

  • The samples of the ILCs in session n°1 are sent on 05/06/2024.
  • The samples of the ILCs in session n°2 are sent on 05/09/2024.

To find out which series the ILCs you are interested in belong to, we invite you to consult the following page : Proposed proficiency testing programs

When should the results be sent? When will the reports be sent?

These dates differ according to the session to which the PT belongs.
In order to have access to the complete planning of the year, we invite you to consult the page : Proposed proficiency testing programs

Why are there two prices for each interlaboratory comparison?

There are two ways to register:

  • Online registration, which can be done in a single step. Payment must be made online using a credit card. A 20% discount is then applied, directly taken into account in the prices displayed in the CompaLab internet shop
  • The manual registration which allows payment by bank transfer, which offers the possibility of a discount according to the number of participations 

In order to have all the information on the prices, we invite you to consult the price list