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CompaLab organises proficiency testing programs - also named PTP or interlaboratory comparisons or round robin tests - along ISO 13528 and ISO/IEC 17043 standards in order to evaluate the capacity of the participants to perform identified tests. The scope of these proficiency testing programs includes the tests on metals and metallurgy, particularly on steels, ferrous materials, copper alloys and coated steels (painted and galvanised steels).

CompaLab is an Institute totally independent from the laboratories and their customers. It relies on a network of experts and on the return of experience to enforce its competence in the fields it is operating.

CompaLab was established by Louis-Jean Hollebecq, who has been during more than 20 years the general manager of a French product certification body dedicated to steels. Formerly, he had been in charge of the statistical handling of the data from interlaboratory comparisons concerning cements, during 3 years. During the last 30 years, he participated to several French, European and international standardisation committees concerning different constructional products and related test methods.

CompaLab is a registered company located in France, near Paris.


Contact : ilc@compalab.org



 Photos taken by CompaLab with courtesy of Cerema - Direction territoriale Est - Laboratoire de Nancy


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