Policy GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation

Data processing policy of CompaLab for potential participants, customers and suppliers.


CompaLab's collection of data relating to its customers, potential participants in its ILCs and suppliers is limited to the management needs of its relationships:

  • Identification and e-mail address;
  • For customers, information necessary to manage their participation in ILCs;
  • For suppliers, information necessary to manage their supplies and assess their ability to provide appropriate products and services.

With regard to the sale of online participations, CompaLab does not collect any data other than those mentioned above.

Data access is controlled within the formal framework of CompaLab quality procedures. These procedures, monitored as part of CompaLab's COFRAC accreditation, deal with the establishment, securing, storage and protection of the confidentiality of this data.

Anyone may exercise their right of access and rectification of information concerning them by simply sending a request to ilc@compalab.org.