Tests of plastic materials

REMINDER: CIL Pre-registration

The pre-registration procedure for accessible ILC is as follows:

1 - Participants interested in participating pre-register. No charge is made for this pre-registration;
2 - When at least 10 potential participants have pre-registered, CompaLab asks each of these pre-registered participants to confirm their willingness to participate and which characteristics they are committed to providing results for;
3 - If at least 8 participants confirm their intention to participate, the organisation of the CIL concerned is committed.

Your pre-registrations will be sent to us as soon as you have validated your order, without the need for payment. Please note, however, that if your basket also contains other CILs, the corresponding registrations will only be validated after payment.

In any case, you will receive an e-mail confirming receipt of your order within a few days.