Tensile test, geometry and linear mass of a hot rolled concrete reinforcing steel

Presentation for participants

Reference of the ILC


References of test methods

ISO 15630-1

References of test methods for which the ILC can indirectly provide an assessment of performance

ASTM A370  ASTM A615  ASTM A706




These may be superseded standards, which some of the reference standards may have replaced, or EN or ASTM or ISO standards that are close but not exactly equivalent to the reference standards.



Each year

Main characteristics

Rm, ReH, Rp0,2, A5d, Agt, hmax, c, fR, LM (Linear mass)

Other characteristics

ReL, Rt0,5, Ae, Z, E, h¼-h¾, Σei, a', β, b, GP (Percentage of failures in the grips of the tensile machine)


Caution The number of determinations may be low for the secundary characteristics, what may make inefficient the comparison between laboratories


Determination of the assigned values (“true values” for each characteristic)

By statistical computation of the totality of the results with possible selection on competence criteria (accreditation, validation by a reference body, quantity of tests performed in the year), test to detect possible collusion, merging of results not obtained in reproductibility conditions, suppression of technically unvalid results.

Type of statistical computation

For numerical results, the statistical computation will provide an assigned value with its attached uncertainty, values of standard deviations for repeatability and reproductibility, limits of alerts for bias and repeatability of the participant, indiviual values for uncertainty of results of participants.

Number of products submitted to tests


Number of samples per participation


Max number of operators per participation

1 (it is necessary to order as many participations as there are participating test operators)

Product submitted to tests

Hot rolled reinforcing steel

Type of samples


Approximate dimensions of samples

2x Ø10-25x780 mm

Specific preparation to be performed by the participant

None (other than possible necessity to polish the test specimens or to adapt their dimensions to the equipment of the participant) (2 test pieces per supplied sample)


Time schedule:


Opening date of registrations


Registration deadline


Date of shipment of samples


Start of the tests


Deadline for carrying out the tests and providing the results


Date of delivery of reports


Note: After the deadline, registrations are still possible. Contact us at ilc@compalab.org for more information.


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